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L’Oreal Magic Lumi Concealer – the New Must-Have

L'Oreal Magic Lumi ConcealerEvery girl needs a reliable make-up brand and concealer is one of the most essential parts of your make-up bag. L’Oreal Magic Lumi Concealer is a the new must-have from one of the most reliable brands out there.

The L’Oreal Magic Lumi Concealer can subtly hide any blemishes and imperfections and can be used underneath foundation to give a more flawless look or on it’s own. It can also be used to ignite shadows under the eyes and under the brow to give that ‘wide-awake’ effect and can be used for contouring facial features such as cheek bones to give your face more structure for those make-up experts out there. This multi-purpose product is essential to keep in your purse for extra touch-ups throughout the day and is easy to apply and blends in with your skin tone.

The unique formula highlights and brings out the best in your complexion and priced at $12.00 is available online and at most local cosmetic stores.

Citizen Bella Watch

citizen bella watchIf you want something that is elegant and beautiful all in one stunning piece, the Citizen Bella watch is perfect for you. Since it is made from a stainless steel, you can rest assured that this watch is going to stand the test of time. With 28 brilliant diamonds and a beautiful motif on the dial, everyone will love taking a look at how amazing this watch truly is. Regardless of whether you are looking for something to accentuate your evening wear or you want something to wear to the office every day, this watch will accentuate your wardrobe with style and grace.
The feminine design of the bracelet and case make it well worth the money you spend bringing the Bella watch into your home. You don’t have to worry about splashing water on the watch and ruining it because it is splash resistant. Durable, stylish and exquisite, this watch definitely delivers.

Citizen Ciena Watch

Citizen Ciena WatchThere are watches to be worn so you can tell time and there are watches that will make a statement while doing so. The Citizen Ciena watch is just such a watch with layers of elegance, style and grace.

This elegant watch has a stainless steel band like most of these watches yet that is where the similarity ends. It has silver watch hands and is encompassed by a twenty diamond bezel. This is the ring of small diamonds that circles the watch. Complete this great ensemble with Roman Numerals instead of traditional numbers and you get an elegant watch that will definitely stand out in a crowd.

There is more to the Citizen Ciena watch than just the looks it provides. It works even better than it looks so you will always be sure of the time no matter where you are. And the Citizen watch brand is a long time name built on trust and by professional watch makers. The Citizen Ciena watch is built with the new Eco-Drive technology making it modern as well as elegant. Show it off to your friends, your family, or keep it your little secret.

Citizen Silhouette Watch

citizen SilhouetteThe Citizen Silhouette watch is both delicately feminine yet fiercely bold. Featuring a stainless steal body with luxurious gold tones, the Silhouette fits like a bracelet and can be worn either for business during the day or during an exciting night out on the town. The champagne dial screams elegance and is durable enough to be relied on for decades without fail.

It’s hard not to love the Swarovski crystal located on the bezel and the diamond accents that are featured throughout the entire band. The face of the watch provides a clean design, complete with Roman numerals so it’s easy to see the time at a quick glance. The push-button jewelry clasp makes it easy to put this watch on and take it off with the use of just one hand. The Citizen Silhouette is the kind of watch that can fill the needs of just about any situation, making it the perfect option for daily wear.

A Review Of The Citizen Stiletto Eco-Drive Watch

citizen StilettoThe Citizen Stiletto Eco-Drive watch might just be the coolest watch in the world. This beautiful timepiece is the thinnest watch you can buy. The Stiletto will look good no matter what occasion you wear it for. Its sleek design comes in all black, including the hands and its face. This only makes this watch more beautiful and that isn’t even its best feature.

The best thing about the Citizen Stiletto Eco-Drive watch is that you never need to change its batteries. That’s right, never. That is because there aren’t any batteries. The Stiletto uses solar power to recharge itself during daylight hours. It can also be placed under a bright lamp, if there is no sun, so no matter what time it is, at least you know you will be on time with this masterful timepiece.

This watch is the latest offering in a long line of quality timepieces. All of these watches are also available in white if that is preferred/. It is a whole different look but the Stiletto looks good in black or white. You c waan find this watch at the company website, or in many places where fine watches are sold.

Citizen Calibre 8700 watch

citizen Calibre 8700For those who are looking for the latest technology, the Citizen Calibre 8700 watch is sure to fit the bill. It offers old world inspiration packed into new world technology to create a calendar alarm that is unlike anything you have ever seen before. If you crave something unique and stunning, this watch is definitely the one for you. In terms of durability, it is made of a stainless steel material that will keep the watch protected for years to come.
With month-day-date, dual-time and 12/24 hour times, you will have everything you need all in one compact location. Don’t worry about water because this watch is water resistant up to depths of 100 meters. Adorn your wrist with the classy leather strap and push button clasp to bring the entire look together and create something that is unlike anything else on the market. You simply can’t go wrong when you purchase this watch.

L’Oréal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Blackest Black

L’oreal wants to give women a way to achieve the appearance of false lashes without actually having to apply with finicky synthetic lashes and glue that seems to stick to everything but your eyelid. L’Oréal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Blackest Black makes a lot of promises. Your lashes will plump, lengthen, curl and have definition like you’ve never before seen.

This mascara comes with a straight wand so you may want to curl your eyelashes before using the mascara for ultimate curl. The formula is thicker than you may used to, and the idea is that this will coat every eyelash for perfect separation.

During actual use, the mascara has a tendency to flake and smudge so you may want to opt for something else or use it with an eyelash primer if you need something that lasts all day — or night — long. However, this one will wash right off when you need it to.

If you experience sensitivity to eye makeup or have allergies, rest assured that the manufacturer has tested this product and found is safe for sensitive eyes and contact wearers. L'Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Blackest Black

Citizen Primo Stingray 620 Watch

citizen Primo Stingray 620If you are someone who wants to make a bold statement with your new watch, you have to check out the Citizen Primo Stingray 620 watch. Instead of a simple black, silver or gold watch, you get a splash of color that makes it stand out in a crowd. It boasts a stunning leather strap to keep the watch securely in position with a large face featuring a 12/24 hour time and date and a chronograph that can measure up to 60 minutes.
Even though the main color might be a stainless steel black, it features brilliant red accents on the dial, strap and knobs. Take style to the next level with this timepiece that is far from ordinary. Until you have the chance to check out the Citizen Primo Stingray 620 watch for yourself, you won’t know what you have been missing out on all along. Classic style in a timeless piece is all right here for you.

A Review of L’Oreal Infallible Le Rouge Resilient Raisin

LOreal Infallible Le Rouge Resilient RaisinDeveloped by L’Oreal, the Infallible Le Rouge Resilient Raisin lipsticks are creamy, vibrantly pigmented and long lasting. There are currently 35 shades available in United States retailers and online. L’Oreal Infallible Le Rouge Resilient Raisin is one of the most popular shades.


Offering a bold, luscious lip color formula that lasts the entire day, L’Oreal Infallible Le Rouge Resilient Raisin is enriched with Vitamin E to create a conditioning base that will keep lips moist. The lipstick delivers 10 hours of vivid coloring and shine.


The color of this lipstick truly is vivid. Depending on your lips, this lipstick can dry out you lips. The best application method is to apply the lipstick then lip gloss over it. This will allow you to display the vibrant color while keeping your lips moist. It will also maintain the longevity of the product when applied. Overall, it is a fine lipstick but there are many better options available.

bolle sunglasses

Bolle Cycling Glasses 2014

Bolle sunglassesBolle 6th Sense and Breakaway Cycling Sunglasses

B-clear lenses which are exclusive to Bolle are fitted on the Breakaway and 6th Sense. These lenses are lightweight due being made from Trivex, and they also offer impact resistance and visual clarity.

The glasses have many other features including:

- A field of vision that is extra wide.
- Aerodynamics. The shape of the glasses have been specifically designed to adjust to the position of the cyclist, extending the area of vision vertically and also offering a larger area of protection. The shape is engineered to channel the air flow which better manages condensation, and they are almost seamless with the face because of their wraparound profile.
- Coatings that are hydrophobic and oleophobic.
- Anti-fog coating. This is applied to the surface on the inside of the lens and will prevent fingers smudging the lens and offer protection from damp conditions and rain. No fogging will occur under any circumstances. As well as repelling condensation that can cloud the vision, a simple application of moisture will revive the lenses.
- Temple tips and nose pads are made from Thermogrip material.
- Optic control system. The sunglasses will remain in place due to the hydrophilic temple tips and nose pads which are very comfortable. Lenses are interchangeable which means they can easily and quickly be changed to match the tint according to the conditions.
bolle sunglasses
Bolle Vortex cycling sunglasses
- Orica GreenEDGE cycling team wear these glasses.
- The glasses and lenses are available in a wide range of colors.
- They can be purchased now from Bolle dealers or from the Bolle website.
- Dealers also stock replacement lenses (search for Bolle Vortex replacement lenses).
- The price will be around $170.

Bolle 6th Sense cycling sunglasses
- Will become available in early 2014.
- The shield lens has increased coverage which offers more protection due to the extended width.
- This design has added ventilation.
- A number of different lens options and color combinations will be available.
- Depending on the type of lens that is chosen the price will range from $180 to $200.

Bolle Breakaway cycling sunglasses
- These will also be available in early 2014.
- The airflow can be channeled due to removable clips on the bottom.
- This design offers increased protection.
- Different lens options and color combinations are available.
- The price of these glasses will range from $180 to $200 depending on the lenses that are chosen.